Cauldron Energy (CXU) shareholder information

Updated 27-Jun-2022; refer ASX Website for latest information:


  • FPO Shares on Issue: 535,411,277
  • Top 20 own: 62.59% of FPO Shares on issue


  • 10,000,0000 Unlisted Options (exercise: $0.03; expiry 16-Sep-22)
  • 6,000,0000 Unlisted Options (exercise: $0.05; expiry 16-Sep-23)
  • 61,001,898 Unlisted Options (exercise price: $0.05; expiry 30 Nov 2023)
  • 24,705,882 Unlisted Options (exercise: $0.034; expiry 15-Mar-24)
  • 9,000,000 Performance Rights (expiring 10 August 2025)

Director Held Shares/Rights/Options

Ian Mullholland
FPO Shares: 1,000,000

Simon Youds
FPO Shares: 4,172,864
performance rights: 4.0 m

Derrong Qiu
FPO Shares: 47,544,710
performance rights: 1.0 m

Judy Li
Performance rights: 1.0 m

Chenchong Zhou
Performance rights: 1.0 m

Performance Milestones

  • the twenty day volume weighted average share price exceeds $0.05
  • gross proceeds exceed $250,000 in any financial year
  • the discovery of an Inferred Mineral Resource at Blackwood Gold Project exceeding 300,000 ounces of gold at cut-off grade of 2 g/t Au.

Cauldron Energy (CXU) sharemarket data

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Exploration Overview

Blackwood Goldfield

  • vendor has systematically acquired and consolidated the goldfield which historically consisted of numerous small holdings

  • two tenements cover nearly the entire goldfield

  • significant historic gold producer – 220,000 oz (from a depth mostly less than 60m; above

    water table)

    Significant historic workings

  • Hundreds of historic workings within project area

  • Multiple historic reefs – massive historical gold production – seeds to further work

    Most abandoned mines in the field are still in ore

  • activity interrupted by war and tough economic times (1890 and 1930 depressions)

  • equipment for pumping (at the time) not able to keep water out of mine

    Mineralisation remains open

  • mineralisation largely not tested deep below water table

  • virtually no drilling below inferred depletion zone

    Mineralisation remains open – a target rich gold environment

Operations Overview

The Blackwood Gold Project provides exceptional prospectivity and high potential of early cashflow

Exceptional high-grade gold prospectivity

  • multiple lines of Lode

  • historic goldfield mining stopped by lack of water pumping technology and lack of manpower due to WW1

    Existing underground infrastructure only recently refurbished

  • existing access to known high grade mineralisation identified & worked in 1990’s

  • over 250 underground workings with >15 historical production shafts

  • head-start on capital requirement to access ore

    Exceptional support infrastructure

  • accessible mains power

  • 90 minutes from Melbourne airport and workforce

  • opportunities to enhance local tourism highlighting Victoria’s incredible underground mining heritage

  • Potential for high grade gold ore capable of being transported to distant process plants

    Blackwood Goldfield has the potential to host large tonnage resources with high grade gold