Why Invest in Cauldron Energy (CXU) ?

The value of Yanrey-Bennet Well Project – Uranium

  • a stake in an emerging uranium province of potential global scale; CXU will aim to prove this potential
  • a stake in a prospective low-cost uranium mine that may be brought into production
  • a stake in a balanced and highly prospective exploration project;
    • proximally, the Bennet Well deposit is not yet closed off
    • distally, there are many intercepts of economic grade that needs further follow-up
  • a stake in a scientific team that is proven to discover uranium
  • a stake in helping to re-establish Australia’s uranium industry
  • a stake in a company that can supply material into the nuclear fuel cycle that produces cheap baseload energy whilst simultaneously reducing carbon emissions
  • a stake in a company set to ride the growth possible in potential future upswing of the uranium commodity price

The value of the Blackwood Project – Gold

  • a stake in a re-emerging gold province known for its high grade
  • a stake in high value commodity certain to regain its status as a form of global currency

The value of the River Sands Project – Construction Sand

  • a stake in a cash generating business to partially fund all exploration activity
  • a stake in the largest global exporting business of sand for construction or for reclamation
  • a stake in the likely medium long-term sand price upswing when predicted supply becomes limited and demand curves increase
  • a stake in becoming a large volume sand exporter having tenure over three of the largest river systems draining a significant highland catchment area

The value of the Company

  • a stake in a pragmatic team that is proven to discover and develop underground gold mines
  • a stake in a leading team that has successfully discovered uranium deposits and developed uranium mines
  • a unique funding model that will allow project teams to continuously explore and collect data without the dilutionary effects that follows from of many rounds of capital raising exercises
  • a stake in a company where the initial investment value is not significantly diluted following consistent capital raisings needed to fund every aspect of business development, exploration and corporate overhead