Cauldron Energy Ltd.

Cauldron Energy Ltd. is a mineral resource development company, which is involved in the mining and exploration of uranium, gold and sand in Australia.  

The company’s projects include Yanrey Uranium Project (encompassing  the Bennet Well Uranium Deposit), the Blackwood Gold Project, the River Sands Project, (comprising the Carnarvon Sand Project, the Ashburton Sand Project and the Fitzroy Sand Project.  

The Company is aware of the shareholder dilutionary effects associated with the rolling capital raise / equity model most often used by ASX explorers. With a long history of exploration and production experience, the executive team is actively seeking potential cashflow opportunities as a means of offsetting costs. The River Sands project provides the nearest term opportunity.

The potential growth of the Company is based on careful planning and development activities of high quality exploration projects coupled with responsible decision making by Board and Management to provide value enhancement for shareholders.

Cauldron Energy corporate overview

Cauldron Energy Limited is a mineral exploration and development company focused on generating cashflows in the near future through the successful exploitation of its diverse portfolio of mineral resource projects.

The Company’s Blackwood Gold Project is Cauldron’s major exploration focus which happens to be found in the heart of Victoria’s highly productive ‘Golden Triangle’.  The River Sands Project provides near-term potential to generate cashflows by tapping into the domestic market, and major growth potential provided by entering the international export market.  The Yanrey Uranium Project presents as an untapped uranium province of global scale yet to emerge.  CXU has delineated a Mineral Resource (JORC 2012) at Bennet Well that possess the physical characteristics that allow mining by very low cost in situ recovery (ISR) techniques.

Our significant contribution towards reducing global carbon emissions is underpinned by potential mining operations that input material into the base of the nuclear fuel cycle.  Nuclear energy provides the only mechanism to decarbonising the economy while providing cheap reliable baseload power.

Cauldron aims to generate cashflow in the near future from its domestic sand business to reinvest into:

  1. exploration and development of its Blackwood Gold Project;
  2. exploration of its uranium project at Yanrey;
  3. economic assessment of the uranium deposit at Bennet Well; and to
  4. develop a business centre capable of exporting very large volumes of sand from its River Sand Projects.

This ‘pull yourself up by the bootstraps’ approach is designed to fund exploration, to turn potential into reality and move into the development and production phase of work. All achieved from the ‘growth commodities’ of sand, gold and uranium.