Corporate Vision & Strategy


Using a commodity mix and unique funding model:

  • that provides blue-sky growth potential from fundamentally sound advanced exploration projects, and
  • generates cashflow from operations having low capital and environmental burden,

that mitigates risk to CXU shareholders:

  • that minimises exposure to cyclical nature of funding, and
  • minimises dilution of investment value and equity,

to maximise shareholder value:

  • by taking part in projects capable of advance in value, and
  • investing in a company having a commodity mix set to rise in value, and
  • investing in a company committed to enhancing environmental values.


To support its vision, Cauldron has developed the following strategy on three strategic pillars:

  1. Target internal funding to reduce shareholder cost burden of exploration and development.
  2. Provide exploration projects with a technical and commodity balance capable of significant blue-sky type capital growth.
  3. Focus on development projects which can minimise environmental harm of extraction whilst ultimately reducing the carbon footprint.

This strategy is set by goals on three-time horizons, the short-term, medium-term and long-term:


  • become a sand producer and generate cashflows
  • develop a profit-making business centre that re-invests its cash into the exploration activity that builds project value
  • Specifically, the proceeds of the cash business:
    • to be re-invested in advancing the gold and exploration projects of Blackwood and Yanrey
    • will provide the improved ability to seek new projects to expand the current portfolio
    • lessens the requirement to raise capital for all but the more intense exploration programs
    • provides a consistency of funding that will hold the technical team together for the long-term and in so doing develop and retain all its intellectual property 
  • build a cashflow business designed to help fund exploration and reduce the number of capital raises needed by the Company to advance its projects thus reducing shareholder value loss through dilution
  • expand the Mineral Resource (JORC 2012) of Blackwood to at least 300,000 oz of contained gold
  • become a gold producer using a unique community based environmental consultation process
  • if the ban on mining uranium in WA is lifted, complete a field leach trial at Bennet Well
  • two speed expansion of the exploration intellectual property of the Yanrey project; whilst the ban on uranium mining is current, we will develop the project slowly, whilst being prepared to speed the process when the ban is lifted
  • grow the sand export business to a high volume
  • take advantage of any price rise caused by switching demand-supply dynamic caused by dwindling supply and rising global growth of building activity having no viable substitute for sand used in making concrete
  • Cauldron aims to become a market leader in the advance of uranium projects and become a low-cost producer to reward shareholders, partners, employees and community
  • Explore its substantial Yanrey tenement holdings and show that it is a significant uranium province of global scale
  • Use the economic advantage of mining by very low cost in-situ recovery methods to be a long-term producer of uranium regardless of the uranium price cycle
  • Contribute to a carbon-neutral energy market by producing uranium oxide for incorporation into the nuclear fuel cycle