Corporate Governance

Cauldron’s corporate governance arrangements are set by the Cauldron Board having regard to the particular circumstances of our business and operations and the best interests of our shareholders and other stakeholders.

2021 Corporate Governance Report

Cauldron’s 2021 Corporate Governance Report describes the main features of our governance framework, policies and practices; and summarises Cauldron’s compliance with ASX Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations (4th edition) (“ASXCGC Recommendations”) as published by the ASX Corporate Governance Council (“Council”).  Where Cauldron’s Board considers that a Council recommendation is not appropriate to its particular circumstances, this Corporate Governance Statement will explain why it has not adopted the recommendation.

Our Appendix 4G, which is a check list cross referencing the ASX Principles to the relevant disclosures in this corporate governance statement, the 2021 Annual Report and the Cauldron website, has been lodged with ASX.  A copy is attached together with the 2021 Corporate Governance Report.

The report has been approved by the Board and is current as at 29 October 2021.

Corporate Governance Framework

Cauldron is committed to creating and maintaining high standards of corporate governance. To this end, Cauldron’s Board works within an accountable system that includes corporate governance policies and practices and risk management processes. These are designed to promote and strengthen Cauldron’s responsible management and corporate code of conduct.

Corporate Directory

Simon Youds – Non-Executive Chairman

Jess Oram – Non-Executive Director

Qiu Derong – Non-Executive Director

July Li – Non-Executive Director

Chenchong Zhou – Non-Executive Director

Michael Fry – Company Secretary

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